1. What ages does the Centre cater for?

The Centre provides quality care to children aged 0 to school age as well. The Centre provides a learning environment which is age appropriate by dividing the children into two separate rooms - the Possums and Joeys (ages 0-3) and the Koalas (ages 3-5).

2. What are the Centres operating hours?

The Centre is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

3. Are meals provided?

The centre provides breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack. All meals are nutritionally balanced. Parents are asked to provide their child's lunch.

4. What do I need to bring?

A labelled bag including your child's lunch; cot-sized bed sheets; water bottle; pillow; spare clothes and a hat.

Nappies are provided.

5. Is it affordable?

Our daily fees are set competitively relative to other childcare centres in the hills area.

The Centre is registered to provide Child Care Subsidy (CCS) assistance to families. CCS is means tested and is available to eligible families. 

6. What activities will my child be doing?

Our on-going children's development program offers educational and recreational programs which are designed to optimise the creativity, mental and physical advancement of your child. Self expression is encouraged through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as music, arts and crafts. Children's interests are supported and encouraged through individual and group stimuli, all in the name of fun!