Our staff are highly trained, enthusiastic and caring

Our curriculum incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework

Our mission and philosophy and values are the foundation of our work with children

Small group-sizes, meaning your child benefits from closer observation by staff

The Centre has a warm, inviting and homely feel

Our Centre is modern and clean, with plenty of natural light and airflow

Our fees are competitive, relative to other centres in the area

We encourage families to get involved in curriculum develpment to base our daily activities and learning on children's interests

Why choose The Hills Little Learners

Your child will benefit from

Small sized groups

Caring and family oriented environment

Child-focused learning programs

Dedicated staff

You should know....the benefits of childcare

Benefits to learning and development - the way the brain is shaped in the first five years of life significantly affects a child's learning, health and wellbeing later in life

Benefits to social skills - an ideal setting for helping your child develop positive social skills and friendships with others

Benefits to school readiness - helping your child to develop the skills that will help them when they start school

Parenting Australia, 2009


Jessie is the authorised supervisor at The Hills Little Learners. She has a passion for working with the staff to develop engaging curriculums that explore and extend on the children's interests and experiences.